Binions Casino Slot Strategy

Looks like it’s time for the next rodeo guys It’s the Ace of Vegas, the Ace of Vegas! And spinners and sharks welcome back to Ace of Vegas, it’s your host ace here and Today I am gonna go ahead and play some Binion’s billions So I’m not sure if you guys have seen the last couple videos I’ve done where I see if I could get perfect Binion’s video poker strategy done or if I can do multi hand strategies perfect on all that That’s all part of an experiment that I’m working on where I’m trying to figure out which which game is actually the best of play So been doing pretty good in video poker. I’ve been doing pretty good in in uh… Multi hand video poker. So now I just want to go ahead and try the slots here. I decided to pick minions billions mainly because you have the option of doing the trivia and the Benny bucks which are additional bonuses or you can actually buy Chips with virtual money that they generate for you and the real chips that you can use to make real hats over here So it’s literally free money to make more free money, which I think it’s brilliant So I’m gonna go ahead and Jack this up to the eligibility of a quarter million That’s usually when I play on the video poker anyway And we’re gonna go ahead and put a hundred spins on the clock and see how we do on Eric good set ready and go Okay, so that was our first spin here and it’s not going automatically okay, that’s an auto spin now Alright, so I’m not really sure when I’m planning on doing with all these Hats when I’m done here. I know I definitely do want to go ahead and have four queens But I know that US Casinis Guide is actually working on their own Binion’s styled game – cameraman Boris saw they do actually have it on the website though So when that shows up really excited about checking that out.

I Wouldn’t mind actually going there. Maybe perhaps during our Oh December November trip or something like that if I make that for the year? And let’s go ahead and see how that goes and Immediately the slots are a little more bland and I have a lot less control than what I’m used to and Definitely not under all is quite as much I do like the fact that the leaves are simple Three placement slots, so it’s a five reel slot. So it’s a little easier to read looks like bare minimums got to be three of a kind if you want to win something and They all got to be matched up. There aren’t a lot of places for changes there No, they’ve got one one type of bone only got two types of bonuses and it shows exactly which ones were eligible for and Then a third one on the free spins But I can never remember how to get the free spins because I play the slots so infrequently on this game So that’s a result of Me not being a big slot person in general.

Oh, look at all this. Look at this. What is this? Exploding wilds. Were these gonna go? And that’s a big win What’s that a bass?

I think that might actually be abased and Wilds there Okay, see the game heard me say that I’m not a big slot person we’re doing just fine game I Think thanks for letting me know go away game And it’s just giving me more and more chips. Okay Perry, that’s fun and I got five of a kind on the way up there got something completed on my On my list over here. Boom, Shakalaka I’m doing some in the achievements pyramid I’m gonna have to check the chief its pyramid later Because I know I’m getting close to that Definitely gonna have to check on that if you get a big one somewhere it really uh, Really wraps things up Nothing opinions would really want to encourage you to play the video poker a little more than it does.

I mean it’s getting there I don’t think it always encourages you to play the video poker as much as it really should That and I’d like to see just more card games in general I haven’t played all the card games here that I’ve really just kind of played jacks better or deuces wild I don’t really think I’ve done Actually come to think of it I don’t think I’ve played on the other any of the other ones just seduces wild in a Jacks or better that’s about it. Didn’t know any hand versions to and then occasionally, I’ll play these slots over here But that’s that’s about it But I really would like to get downtown one of these times here I was like one day downtown because I don’t get to go downtown very often. That’s most times I go to Vegas I’m usually going with somebody who’s never been there. And for some reason you just want to take people to the strip they want to see a pyramid they want to go ahead and see the You know, they want to go ahead and send luck so we’re obviously they want us at the Sphinx there and they always want to go ahead and go to Garage docks to watch the volcano watch The Fountains at Bellagio and all that which is all well and good.

I think that’s very much the Commercialization of Vegas doing its job very well and getting people there which I think is just brilliant truly But still very much. Oh well, what did it stop here Okay, I guess we working a little more to get another we’re not gonna get that wheel all right But I’m still very much interested And Just getting down to Fremont Maybe just on a repeat triple say, you know somebody else, you know Or maybe even by myself see if I can squeeze with some time in between the videos I’m fixing to film on the strip when I go Later on later on this moment Don’t say well we can squeeze in let me know what you guys think in the comments section below Alright, so we’re not doing too bad so far It was started with about 54 million. We got a bit back up to 55 million pretty quickly We’re back down to 50 million already Get a wheel let’s get a wheel nope no wheel for us. Oh I guess we did your wheel, but it was too late They want to give Asus Binion’s wheel but I don’t think Binion’s knows why he wants to give us a spin Ian’s wheel So it just keeps dropping random ones in which is not good for the percentage here. It’s not good for the payback percentage And I’m not really sure where else to go about this I Don’t know.

I don’t mind going downtown. I think I would strongly prefer playing table games downtown they feel a little bit more fair, which is ironic because you know It’s still it’s a lot more old-school and the associate old-school Vegas with a bit more corruption in with a bit more Of the Mafia and all that but somehow the giant corporations Who are actually funding our trips right now? So I’m not sure where I’m mapping them but the giant corporations kind of feel a bit slicker than Those mafiosos we’re back in the day.

Oh, here we go, and they gave us a wheel to shut me up amazing Let’s go ahead and play. All right, let’s spin the Binion’s wheel Asking me to do stuff runner clear all these notifications oh You give us a lock what’s a lock for blocking wilds free spins? Okay. That’s one of the One of the bonuses here. Let’s go ahead and get these locking wilds down lockdown about wilds boys But look at that spin look at that spin Girls think we can work out another one. Let’s work out another one.

Here we go Another lockdown wild all right now is where it gets interesting so we just got to match things in the fourth and Second column over here from here on out Boom, and now if we get some end in the second column anything in the second column over here We’re pretty much running every single time I think And see how we do All right, cool we got a win every game now every game we got ourselves some Lin coming up So every spin going forward is profitable That fiery Feeling like an Emmett or Just a song, you know mm, right? We’re on fire. Yeah, that’s how you know, you’re on a roll You know that one now you guys I’ve heard that song I’m gonna have to play it close with it or am I not I got in trouble last time I tried to be a faithful song All right last spin last spin guys hoping for a banger. Let’s see what we get.

I Really could just go ahead and cut the video here, see how we do, but I want to go ahead and do all 100 spins Be faithful as I always am 8.1 million, okay Brings us back up to 55 million And some change there Alright, so let’s get in. There’s that mega win And it’s got to celebrate the mega win. All right Completing these These Pyramid goals here so I’m gonna have to check that after this All right. We got 25 more spins to go guys Be killer if we get another one back-to-back after that But I’m not gonna be greedy about it, especially since I know it’s not gonna happen While it’s putting in more work there And while it’s putting in even more work, that’s awesome Look at the farthest up north. I’m gonna go this next time is probably stratosphere Socialist solid place to and nothing I’ve ever done a video on stratosphere on this channel I might have to go ahead and do that go through the thrill ride See if it’s and that you guys want to do or not Just let me know if that’s something not something you want to do or I mean it might not have something I can squeeze in We can go ahead and see about it.

I’m a later trip and trying to get at least two more trips going this year I know for sure. I’ll have one December and planning on Another one before them. Just assuming I can get the time off So that would be a pretty cool And then I’ll just be burning some more my Vegas chips in were my biggest loyalty points While I’m earning these Binion silver house here So that’s it we’re doing pretty good.

Oh we got some wilds coming in Wild explosion no nada Sorry about threes, and I guess if they’re just kind of adjacent to each other you win, which I think it’s great Are we doing just missed another wild explosion There we go, and it looks like this might be just about it guys And last bin Nada? Oh Well, it looks like we’ve ended at 52 million one hundred sixty-two thousand six hundred chips So let me go ahead and take a quick break here I’m gonna go ahead and do some maths and as we usually do we’re gonna count up the booty All right guys one set up buying chips. I think we’re gonna go ahead and call it get over here we came back for the payback percentage of 91.3% we ended Fifty-two million one hundred sixty-two thousand six hundred. I accidentally click spin one more time, so that don’t count But wait enough one of the hats over here.

Just shy of Just shy of forty two hundred carry out 4134 so go ahead or get a couple more half collections by the time I go to bed tonight and I’ll be That’s great. But yet only 1% not a bad payback on slots, especially when we have those big jumps there I think about 75% of the way through we had actually made a profit I probably should have walked away, but for the integrity of the experiment I had to keep going no matter I think we think we proved our point So I’m going to go ahead and gather all this data figure out what to do And then we’ll have a for sure fire strategy of killing minions but until then ASA Vegas is signing out strong hands and happy smithy goes

Binions Casino Slot Strategy