A Variety Of Video Games Out There Today

There are a variety of video games out there today. Whether you choose to play on the Xbox, PlayStation, a computer, or handheld device, you can access virtually any game. There are certain games that should be played on specific platforms for the most quality gameplay however, many games can be crossed over from platform to platform. For the last few years, video gamers who play on the computer have been wanting more and more out of the games available to PC. Will 2017 prove to be different than the previous years? Let’s look at the upcoming games and what the expectations of them will be.

Neir: Automata, the first game to be released in 2017, was developed by Platinum Games. The game is said to be released in early 2017. It is an action RPG with a combat tonality. The game has a downbeat form of a story. This story and the development of it is very strong and will leave the gamer wanting to beat the game numerous times. The play throughs go by fairly quickly. Each play through is quicker than the one previous to it. Each one also unlocks a new element to the story. The semi-sequel to the game will be coming out soon and will hopefully be stronger than its predecessor. It has been said that there likely will not be a game stranger than this one released any time soon.

The second game to keep an eye out for is Divinity: Original Sin 2. This game was predicted to be developed by late 2016 however, has now been extended to early 2017. Divinity: Original Sin 2 was developed by Larian Studios.This game has been called the most exciting cRPG that is soon to be released. Larian’s previous work was slightly lacking however, the upgrade of this game makes up for the lacking components of previous games. It has a significantly more sophisticated story to it as it was developed by a team of eight writers. This game features a great amount of dialogue. The dialogue is tailored to your characters race and traits. If you have very distinct characters present, the variety of dialogue options are insane. The interactivity was bumped up a few notches as well. Overall, people are excited for this game and the updates it has from its predecessors.

The third game is called The Fall Part 2: Unbound. The previous game to this, The Fall Part 1, leaves the gamer with a twist and somewhat of a cliff hanger. This game is said to be released early next summer. The Fall Part 2 was developed by Over the Moon Games. It is a science fiction game that has tons of adventure in it. It takes place on a different planet from which a plane was crashed due to an unconscious pilot.

BattleTech, which is another game that is said to be released in May of 2017, was developed by Harebrained Schemes. There was early gameplay footage released to the public featuring this game which built up excitement immensely. The graphics of the game are said to be incredible compared to its predecessors. The maps are said to have a higher fidelity effect and various forms of foliage as well as levels of elevations.

There is a variety of new and upcoming video games which will be released within the year of 2017. These were just a few on the long list of games that will be coming out. Hopefully, you PC gamers are just as excited as we are for the release of new and exciting games!