Top PC Shooter Games for 2016

Are you a fan of shooter games? If so, then you might be wondering which one you should buy next. Even though 2016 is coming to a close, you could still consider this year’s first-person shooter (FPS) games for PC:

  1. Doom

If the title sounds familiar,it’s because this is a reboot of the old-school shooter. It’s also a major title in the series following the rollout of “Doom 3” a decade ago. The reboot includes a lot of demons, many weapons, and a new movement system.

“Doom” also includes the big BFG 9000 gun, which can fire plasma balls. This game also has several enemies that were in the past games. However, they’ve all received a new design.

  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

As you can tell from the title, the game is based on humans being on the verge of a large division. Humans are battling the Augmented, and it’s a chaotic environment. Adam Jensen is a well-trained covert operative. He must carefully select his allies to fix the situation and a global conspiracy.

“Mankind Divided” also includes the same cover system and hand-to-hand combat moves. Adam has new enemies that provide new attacks. The game’s trailer shows this well.

  1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Here’s another of the best FPS PC games of 2016. It includes US forces vs. Vietnam’s Resistance fighters. You can choose among the US Military or Vietnam’s Guerilla Forces.

“Rising Storm 2: Vietnam” is the sequel of “Rising Storm.” That game won the Multiplayer Game of the Year War back in 2013.

  1. Shadow Warrior 2

In this game, demons from a different dimension have invaded under the command of Zilla. Players might battle back. In this game, you play the ninja warrior Lo Wang during the modern era. You have over 70 weapons to battle the demons.

The weapons have upgrades that include buffs and elemental properties. Each mission in the game has terrains, random enemy positions, buildings, and weather. This gives players a brand new experience every time they play the game.

  1. Battlefield 1

The game reverted to World War I, which was the largest conflict during the era. The game features real locations and authentic gear for WW1’s major battles.

“Battlefield 1” was released earlier this year. The debut trailer received the most Likes in YouTube history.

  1. Titanfall 2

“Titanfall” is returning as a single-player game. It functions much like the original game. That includes running on many walls, using mechs to battle goes and using grappling items to zip across the map like Batman.

The game was launched between two FPS games including “Battlefield 1” and “Ball of Duty: Infinite Warfare.”

  1. Overwatch

“Overwatch” is a great FPS title. You can select from 22 heroes that are all unique from each other. Your goal is to battle for power over points or to push payloads. The game has a bright, colorful look that was inspired by Pixar.

It’s certainly one of the top FPS games of 2016. The game is set to receive a lot of free content in the future.