Top All-Time PC Puzzle Games

Do you like solving things? If you enjoy PC puzzle games, you have many to choose from, but some are better than others. Here are some of the top options:

  1. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This game is a synthesis of past puzzle games. It combined casual/hardcore games and match-3 with RPG. The game proved that the 2 genres are a good blend. It has resulted in tons of copies, clones, and sequels. However, nothing is better than the first “Puzzle Quest.”

The key to the original game was that it was first an RPG game and a match-3 game second. However, the focus of the game was on fighting, so the main task is match-3. What’s important is that it’s not a “Bejeweled” clone.

  1. World of Goo

This is one of the top PC puzzle games ever released. It was launched in 2008. “World of Goo” is a puzzle game in which blogs near each other form bonds. Then other structures such as bridges and towers can be constructed.

The game includes bright cartoon graphics. After the structures are built, other goo balls can move through the structures can escape via a pipe. While they move, they yelp/cheer/chatter their language. This makes them lovable.

Those globs that were used to build structures are heroes. You should use the smallest number not to earn the highest score, but instead of saving as many lovely objects as you can.

Each chapter of this game includes new goo types. Some can be reused, others only dangle. Different types of the goos have a personality. The puzzles start to alter as well. They get new elements, which changes things each time you start to feel like you’ve mastered the game. It then provides new ideas.

The game has sadness and anger. As you move through the chapters, the game becomes more complex as well as entertaining. To solve. This game encourages you to have a great idea instead of giving you instructions about what you should do. You get all the credit.

The game’s music, sound effects, and design are excellent.

  1. Bejeweled 3

This PopCap game that’s much better than it might seem at first. In fact, it’s an excellent match-3 game. In fact, the 2001 release of “Bejeweled” launched the match-3 games that exist today. It resulted in later games including “Candy Crush Saga” as well as Bejeweled-themed slot machines at Paypal online casinos. However, it’s also reduced better games including “Puzzle Quest.” It could be argued that “ZooKeeper” is the all-time best match-3 game.

Bejeweled 3” should be included in lists of all-time best PC puzzle games because it was the first title in the series that allowed gamers to play their next move before the previous turn’s cascading results were done.

This was a major factor that led to the success of “ZooKeeper.” “Bejeweled” makes the game more fast-paced. The result is an excellent game. The game includes many gimmicks, but the core game still exists. Regarding later games “Bejeweled3” is one of the top rows of three games that exist in the genre.